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New Imaging service at the CHPG

A new ultrasound breast imaging/screening service has been inaugurated at the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco. The new technology optimises early detection of breast cancer as well as reducing the amount of radiation necessary for diagnosis.

To maintain and advance the excellence of the Monegasque healthcare system, the Monaco Government has created an ultrasound breast imaging service with the highest levels of care. It has invested over one million euros in providing, among other things, state-of-the-art mammography technology: the Selenia Dimensions 800D tomosynthesis system (from the Hologic brand).

This digital mammography sensor is one of the best in the world. Amongst its features:

- Tomosynthesis (the equivalent of a breast scanner). This allows millimetre-sized sections of breast tissue to be studied, which optimises early detection.

-Radiation protection, which reduces the radiation dose required for the diagnosis.

The Government Councillor for Social and Health Affairs Stephane Valeri thanked the Pink Ribbon Monaco Association for having contributed to the fight against breast cancer for many years, through a huge number of events and donations. He also announced the launch of a new breast cancer screening campaign, to raise awareness amongst a larger proportion of the female population. 

Also, any woman aged between 50-80 who is a resident in the Principality and is insured or is a copyright holder of a Monegasque social organisation (CPM or SPME), will receive a personalised letter with an invitation to the Senology service to undergo a mammogram and ultrasound free of charge. 

The councilor concluded his speech on an optimistic note, noting that 91% of cancers diagnosed by examinations carried out in this framework (every two years) are healed, and expressed his hope that this will come as close as possible to 100% in the near future.

Texte courtesy of The Riviera Reporter

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